The Most Amazing Health Benefits Of Camu Camu

What is camu camu? What are the benefits of camu camu for your health? Does taking it cause any harm or side effects?

If you have not previously heard about this strange type of fruit, this article is for you, so let’s get to know the camu camu fruit below.

What is camu camu?

The Camu camu fruit is scientifically known as (Myrciaria dubia), and the most common areas for tree growth of this fruit are the riverbanks of the Amazon forests.

The fruits of camu camu are distinctive by their small size, which makes them closer to cherries, and the flesh of these fruits has a slightly sour taste.

Camu camu fruits are high in antioxidants and vitamin C. But the proportion of vitamin C in fruits decreases as the fruit approaches full maturity. So, some people prefer to eat camu camu before it is ripe.

Camu camu does not have a strong flavor, So, it is often useful as a kind of additive only to some dishes.

It is common for camu camu to be dried for later use as a type of nutritional supplement because the fruits contain nutrients that may have many potential health benefits.

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