Texting her: 14 Rules To Text A Girl You Like

It may be hard enough knowing what a lady wants when you’re together with her, much less with some simple characters on your cellphone’s screen when you are texting her. And that’s why it’s so helpful to have a list of tips, from a lady, telling you exactly what to do.

Guys, the first texts that you simply send to a woman are extremely important because it’s these texts that help her determine if she wants to be more than just friends with you.

1 – Text her within hours of meeting her.

You’ve heard the old-school rule guys should wait 2-3 days before contacting a lady, but times have changed, and today, that rule is completely ridiculous. And that’s mostly because it has become much easier to get in touch with someone, and since it’s very easy to pick up your phone and texting her, she thinks, if he’s attracted to me, why wouldn’t he get in contact with me more quickly? So, send a text within 24 hours, otherwise, she’ll think you’re not interested.

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