Social Anxiety: 5 Social Anxiety Dating Tips

Have you ever been to a party and found yourself making better friends with the dog? Or cat often a quiet corner somewhere, instead of mingling with the company of the human variety? So, if you’re one of those who live with social anxiety, this could sound all too familiar.

And although our furry friends do make for wonderful companions. Those people with social anxiety could still want to find that special human. Someone to share a little love and affection.

Now, if the prospect of juggling romance and social anxiety makes you, well, anxious, and just considering it’s sending your brain into overdrive with a million different thoughts and what-ifs, so, just take an instant and breathe.

We’ve got you covered, because dating may be challenging at the greatest of times. And could seem even more daunting when it’s double billing with social anxiety.

We have compiled a fast list of tips to keep in mind, as you head out in look for a dreammate.

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