Questions: 10 Questions To Ask To Know Someone Fast

We all know it isn’t always easy going to know someone and if you run out of things to say. Many people fall back on boring chitchat questions like what do you do for work? But that’s why having a bank of thought-provoking. Interesting and fun questions may be so helpful. So here are of the simplest going to know your questions.

1. If you might take only three items with you to a deserted island, what would they be?

This is not just one of the most fun questions to ask to get to know someone. But it also helps you identify what matters most to someone. Are the things they choose based on survival are they personal and sentimental or are they both? So, if they’re tactical and functional the person is likely a go-getter who cares most about getting ahead if their personal and sentimental. Then, the person probably cares tons about the those that they love and the experiences that they’ve had. So, listen carefully to their items and attempt to determine what they say about the person and their values.

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