Pullaway Method: Easy Trick To Attract A Girl In The First Day

Today we’re gonna share with you this little trick of pullaway we invented to get any woman to like you more than she already does. We came up with this back in high school, we started using it and we thought it was the best thing ever. And we’ve been using it ever since, with, we would say, at least  out of  of the girls we talk to.

This thing is perfect, this is called, the pullaway. What you do, is you’ve been talking to a woman for some days.

You guys have been texting each other back and forth a little. She’s somewhat attracted to you, or at least, she doesn’t think you’re a total dweeb. Or at the very least, she doesn’t hate you and she actually replies to you and doesn’t mind talking to you. Now all you have to do, is “pullaway” from her. Pull back, don’t text her at all for a day, then “reappear” and go back to it.

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