Lemon: 4 Kinds Of Lemons And Limes And Their Benefits

We will talk about the differences and the benefits of the 4 commonest kinds of lemons. Did you know how many types of lemons there are? It’s estimated that there are over 100 species of lemons around the globe. But only 4 of them stand out in this list: Lisbon lemon, lime, key lime, and rangpur lime. But did you know that only the Lisbon lemon may be considered a true lemon?

The other ones are considered limes, species derived from the lemon. rangpur lime, for example, is a hybrid between the lemon and mandarin orange. Lemon offers vitamin C, or vitamin C, which takes care of our immune system, and potassium, a mineral that stops cramps. But the sole differences in between all these types of lemons are their colors, skin, and size.

Do you want to find out more about their differences?

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