Leading You On: 7 Signs They’re Leading You On

How can we know if people genuinely like us for who we are? Nobody wants to feel like they have been fooled into thinking a relationship is over it is. What makes it worse is when people send us mixed signals intentionally to make us fall deeper in love when they are not able to be with us. But why would they be leading you on?

Well, it might be because they love it once they know someone is head-over-heels for them and although they don’t feel the same way about them. They might still string them along because it strokes their ego and they don’t desire to lose that admiration in.

1. They could say I love you early on

Everyone knows that love, at first sight, maybe a real thing if someone tells you they love you within five minutes of meeting you. Do you think they’re telling the truth? Consider the case rationally. How much do they know about us in five minutes? What is it about us that they love?

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