Magnesium Fights Depression Like Prescription Drugs

Magnesium! Sometimes people say they’re depressed simply because they’ve felt sad at some point in their lives. However, most times, people just should learn the difference between depression and a fleeting moment of sadness like the death of a loved one. If you have these very intense feelings for an extended time (months or maybe years) then it could be depression. Depression is considered to be a disease that appears because of various reasons: biological, psychological, and social.

Some several treatments and medications are prescribed counting on each case. the great news is that there are natural ways to treat depression consistent with a study performed in 2017 which analyzed the efficiency of magnesium in depression medication. The study showed that magnesium supplements can improve depression symptoms drastically in only 2 weeks with none of the side effects common in depression medications.

Magnesium is additionally the key to the right functioning of various other parts of our body. If we could observe our cells more closely, it would be easier to know that this nutrient is required for over 300 of our body’s biochemical reactions.

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