Green Tea: Why You Should Drink Green Tea With Lemon

One of the most benefits of green tea is that it helps with weight loss. Since it contains caffeine and catechins that increase metabolism. Making the body spend more energy and also helps with digestion, regulates the intestines and prevents water retention.

Lemon helps treat constipation, detoxifies the body, improves immunity, accelerates the healing process, decreases bloating and blood pressure relieves gout or rheumatism pains, prevents premature aging, and other benefits. So, add it to green tea.

Now you should be asking yourself: but what may they both do to enhance my health?

The lemon and green tea strengthen the immune system and favor healthy weight loss. Besides that, this combo makes it easier to break down fats. Eliminates toxins in the body, and offers more energy so that you may sweat and lose weight efficiently.

Besides all these benefits, green tea with lemon lowers blood pressure. Lowers blood sugar, aids in weight loss, great for healthy teeth, great for healthier hair, turns back the clock.

Did you know that lemon juice helps tone down the bitter taste of this tea?

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