Girl Wants You: 5 Ways To Approach Her When She Wants

4. She Gives You the Mona Lisa Gaze

But just some of body language signs of openness don’t necessarily scream green light. A key sign that she’s not just open for conversation, but receptive YOUR conversation, is the direction of her gaze.

A girl usually isn’t going to look directly at you right off the bat. Instead, if she’s interested in you, she’ll give you the Mona Lisa gaze because she’ll want to give you ample opportunity to notice her without blowing her cover. And she’ll be paying very close attention to your body language once you do.

Here’s what to search for. If she consistently looks in your general direction but indirectly at you, you can make certain she’s displaying one of the hidden signs a lady likes you. Because she’s looking in your direction to be sure you notice her and to see how you react once you do. But she’s avoiding direct eye contact because the girl wants you but she wants to play it cool until she feels more confident that you simply feel the same way that she does.

It’s one of the classic signs a girl wants you to approach her. So if you see a lady repeatedly looking in your direction, but not yet staring you down, get your flirting pants on ‘cause it’s time to break the ice.

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