Girl Wants You: 5 Ways To Approach Her When She Wants

Knowing the way to flirt with a lady is a useful skill that every guy must learn. Being all alpha and attractive is pointless if you don’t know how to approach a lady and talk to her. So, you gotta be able to walk the walk and talk the talk. Especially when a girl wants you.

5. She cracks the door open

Guys, tell me if this sounds familiar. you spot someone you like and start searching for signs a girl wants you as much as you want her. But there’s too much going on, it’s hard to tell if she’s just having a good time or if she’s sending you the vibes. But fellah, let it’s known the devil is in the details. If she’s into you at all, she’ll show you certain subtle body language signs she’s attracted to you.

And the commonest body language sign to search for is openness. If a girl wants you and is secretly hoping you’ll talk to her, she’ll be sure to face her body towards you, either fully or partially relying on the girl.

On the other hand, if her back is to you, and she makes no effort to face your direction she either hasn’t noticed you yet, isn’t really in the mood to meet someone and chat it up, or just isn’t into you. and the whole time she’s thinking “man do I have to begin and tell this guy that it ain’t gonna happen?

Make note of this closed-off body language and await her to show signs of openness before breaking the ice.

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