Flirting Tip: 10 Flirting Tips To Talk To A Girl

Let’s face it, one of the hardest hurdles for a man to overcome is learning the way to approach a woman and the way to flirt with her, without coming on too powerful. The issue is that most guys don’t put any thought into this, and once the time comes, they find themselves frozen and unable to find what to say to a woman that catches their eye! If you just use one flirting tip of these techniques, you’ll be able to talk to girls.

However, once you learn some basic techniques, you’ll find flirting with a woman much easier.

1 – Play the Staring Game

A cute woman simply caught your eye! now what? Use just this flirting tip!

Well, first you may need to get her attention. Once she knows you exist, you’ll be able to notch things up a touch. Look at her now and then to arouse her curiosity. Does she look back at you? Does she smile to herself once you catch her eye? There’s no point in attempting to discover the way to talk to a woman. If all she does is offer you a dirty stare or doesn’t care whether you’re looking at her.

Approaching a woman in such cases, sometimes ends up being a fail. However, if she is enjoying the staring game, you’re off to a nice start!

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