Cinnamon: How To Know If Your Cinnamon Fake Or No


Cassia is of a lower quality, and may even have harmful effects on our bodies. Its high levels of coumarin, a chemical compound wont to make rat poison, is what makes it so harmful.

According to the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, this compound is toxic to our liver. In some cases, it could cause jaundice. But does this mean we should stop eating it? of course not. All we’ve to do is search for the correct type of it. Ceylon, scientifically called “Cinnamomum verum”, which means “real cinnamon”. Both of these types of it contain coumarin, however, Ceylon contains a much smaller amount. It’s possible to tell them aside from one another just by looking at them.

Chinese cinnamon has long, well-separated sticks, whereas Ceylon cinnamon’s sticks are shorter and made up of multiple layers. Color may also be another indicator—real cinnamon is lighter than any other kind. Next, have you go to buy it, inform yourself about what kind you’re bringing home. Try not to buy powdered cinnamon, because you could not even know what type you’re getting.

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