Crushing And Falling In Love, 5 Differences Between Them

Have you been crushing on someone, but wondering if it’s becoming something more like falling in love?

Emotions may be messy and hard to decipher when all we hear is our loud heartbeats or feel giant butterflies in our stomach. The upside is that as we get older and gain more relationship experience, the solution becomes more clear.

1. A crush develops fast, while love grows over time

When you first develop a crush on someone, it can feel fun, flirty and exciting. It is a lot like dancing with a flame, but it doesn’t last forever. Love, on the other hand, takes time to grow. It demands patience, understanding, and hard work.

When we are crushing on someone, it is the loud adrenaline rush that pounds on our chest. Love, however, allows us to find inner peace within ourselves. It is a lot quieter, subtle even, and may creep up on us once we least expect it.

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