Carbohydrates: Avoiding Alzheimer’s Disease By Cosuming It

Probably, you have already heard something negative about carbohydrates. In part, that’s true. Besides being an excellent villain if you need to lose weight, consistent with neurologists and nutritionists like David Perlmutter (1) (author of the book Grain Brain), food that’s rich in this nutrient, especially those not gluten-free, not only makes you put on some weight but also kills your brain slowly.

At the time he was studying this relation, the doctor concluded that the cerebral dysfunction is closely linked to a diet rich in cereals, carbohydrates, and industrialized sugar.

Did you know elderly those who have a diet rich in carbohydrates are 4 times more likely to developmental disorders? Consistent with him, when eating carbohydrates in excess, someone has an 89% chance of developing a disease, including depression (2), (3), migraines, body inflammations, and other health diseases. On the other hand, diets rich in proteins and healthy fats seem to give some protection. Those who eat mainly these foods are less likely to suffer from cognitive impairment.

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