Attract Women: 10 Things Women Find Very Attractive In Men

It’s no secret that the list of things women like in men seems long and sometimes, contradictory. And while there isn’t a secret recipe for all women, there are some things that most women are drawn to, that you simply need to know to attract women.

1. Leadership And Initiative

While you could think that to be a leader you should guide others, the kind of leadership that attract women is the ability to guide yourself. In other words, you take initiative and you’re a person of action, not just words.

Not only does taking initiative show her that you simply mean what you say, but it also shows that you simply don’t need to rely upon others to get things done. and the reason it’s so attractive is crystal clear. Guys who lead the way and have an idea make women feel cared for and guarded. Want to know one of the best ways to show a little initiative? If you tell her you’re getting to call, call!

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