Fake Relationship: 7 Signs You’re In A Fake Relationship

Do you ever wonder if your life is being sucked away during a fake relationship that somehow doesn’t seem real? When someone with a great heart is trapped in an unauthentic relationship, it is a painful and exhausting experience.

Painful because, deep down, the person knows the relationship is fake. Exhausting because the person must constantly suppress or ignore any impulse or emotion attempting to reveal the relationship for what it truly is a fabrication.

A fake relationship isn’t a true relationship at all. Instead, we have this typical story: an honest person filled with devotion and good intentions, is keen to make a relationship work. in the meantime, their partner may be a blank the notion that they are even during a relationship is alien to them.

Such a scenario is depressing, sad, infuriating and frustrating, how many years would you be willing to waste on such a situation?

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