Fermented Foods To Improve Digestion And Health

Fermented foods are part of our diet, even once we don’t even notice them. As is the case with bread, wine, beer, yogurt, sheep or goat cheese, and apple vinegar. Fermenting foods is an old process, different cultures do it as a means to preserve foods and improve general health. And it’s not for nothing that they’re in vogue in the culinary globe nowadays!

These fermented foods have many benefits, such as improve digestion, regulates and balances gut flora, improves intestine functioning, aids in vitamin and nutrient absorption, strengthens the immune system, acts against infectious agents, and helps in antibody production.

The natural process of fermentation uses microorganisms, like beneficial bacteria, mold, or yeasts to degrade proteins and sugars, changing the taste and texture of foods. However, some fermented foods that are considered different to us have become more popular in the last few years.

Do you want to know what these fermented foods with probiotics are?

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