Killing Confidence: 5 Bad Daily Habits killing It With Women

1. Post, Don’t Scroll

We have to confess this one awful personal habit we wont to have. It’s one of the everyday things killing confidence for us that we wasn’t fully conscious of at the time. We wont to get up to my phone’s alarm each morning and immediately start scrolling through social media to see what people were doing with their lives. Rather than getting up able to rock and roll and begin living my genuinely unique life. But here’s the large secret to how to make any girl fall in love with you fast confident leaders and influencers post; they don’t scroll. And here’s why our mindless scrolling habits were doing nothing for our self-confidence.

We were allowing people to influence our thoughts and plans every single morning before even giving ourselves the chance to think, ‘what do we need or want to do today?’ Instead, we were watching people grab their day by the horns. and that daily habit was so toxic for us because we were beginning every day comparing ourselves to others.

Watching everyone else living their lives on social media was just making us feel crappy about ourselves. We were shooting ourselves in the foot every single morning, but here’s the amazing news. It’s the best habit to break with this simple change. You ready for it?

We started charging our phone at night in another room away from where we sleep and get up each morning. This incredibly easy change was the first big step in eliminating toxic mindless scrolling from our morning routine.

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