Talk To Girls: 10 Ways That Will Get Them To Like You

Ever spot a beautiful girl that you’d like to say hello to. Only to have another guy swoop in before you might make a move? Well, we’re getting to show you the way to talk to girls with these 10 surefire tricks. And to make sure you’re the one chatting up all the single girls while the other guys stand on the sidelines watching – and not the other way around.

1. Hello, Goodbye

Want to know the way to make a lady like you in 5 seconds? do this simple, proven trick Just compliment her and walk away.

Here’s why it works! First, it shows her your interested and leaves her smiling and feeling good. But it also breaks down any of her concerns that you’re just another guy looking to hook up. The act of you walking away gives her a while to think about your unusual, yet interesting tactics, and here’s the kicker It makes you more mysterious, which can make her want to get to know you more once you come back around.

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